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Care and Cleaning Recommendations

Resysta FVG glazed

color scheme color concept

Minor color changes are possible. Depending on weather conditions, a slight fading of the color can occur. The
glaze does not seal the surface. Further color application is possible at any time. Over the years, a change in color is less
visible with highly-pigmented glazes in comparison to glazes with less pigment-content. No greying (unlike wood).

Cleaning: The surface is colored by means of transparent-colored Resysta FVG glazes. Dirt, caused by environmental
influences, may deposit through the open structure. This can, however, easily be removed by means of a gentle stream of water or with a soft brush. Persistent dirt can also be removed by gentle sanding.

Care: The glaze can be reconditioned in diluted form (for example: 3:1 mixture ratio with water). Beforehand, the surface
must be cleaned carefully and gently sanded.

TruGrain RFS sealed 

Maintenance: Finishing of the sealing in case of external mechanical damages is possible and recommended for aesthetic reasons only. Even after ten years, the surface displays negligible visible changes in color. In fact, the color becomes more intense, but not more than approximately 10%.

Cleaning: Resysta RFS seals the surface. Thanks to this sealed structure, dirt particles only adhere to the surface and can be removed easily with a gentle stream of water or with a soft brush.

Care: Special care is not necessary, except for cleaning. Therefore, elaborate sanding and painting of the facade is not required in the long run.

TruGrain Untreated

Maintenance: Maintenance of the untreated TruGrain material is not necessary.

Cleaning: Due to the open structure of the surface, dirt can deposit (for instance, dirty water stains). As these only adhere to
the surface, they can be removed by means of a gentle stream of water, with a soft brush or high-pressure jet
(appropriate distance, approx. 12 inches). Persistent dirt can also be removed by gentle sanding.

Care: Special care is not required, except for cleaning. Fading in comparison to the original color shade is typical for this
material if it is not stained and sealed. This has no impact on the durability of the material.

General Recommendation

  • We recommend a yearly inspection of the facade for damages.
  • Resysta FVG and Resysta RFS were especially developed for TruGrain and are perfectly adapted for this material.
  • Only these surface treatments may be employed exclusively.
  • Since soiling can occur, especially in areas exposed to direct spray-water and in the gable area, these surface areas should be sealed with Resysta RFS.

Care and Cleaning Guidelines

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