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Woodworkers rejoice! Like its natural counterpart, TruGrain can be sawed, drilled, painted, sanded or oiled. However, there is one decisive advantage when working with TruGrain: it does not crack or splinter, and cutting wastes are 100% recyclable in the manufacturing process. The different profiles of Resysta are produced in an extruder and can be used for many applications.


MaterialResysta Formula

Raw materials used

Raw materials usedRice husks (as part of Resysta Formula)
Common salt
Mineral oil

approx. 60%
approx. 22%
approx. 18%

Material Characteristics

Fire Rating ASTM E 84 Class A (FSI 10; SDI 450)
Density ASTM D 2395approx. 1.46 g/cm³
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion ASTM D 6963.6x10(-5) I/K
Water Absorption & Moisture EffectASTM D 6109Product does not absorb moisture
 Freeze-Thaw Resistance ASTM D 7032 1% reduction in Bending Strength & 1% Reduction in Bending Stiffness
Weathering and
UV Resistance
ASTM D 25652% increase in Bending Strength & 2% reduction in Bending Stiffness after 2000 hours exposure
Slip IndexASTM F 1679Logitudinal Dry 0.720; Logitudinal Wet  0.975, Transverse Dry  0.748, Transverse Wet 0.993
Termite Resistance
AWPA E1-13
Rating:  C.formosanus 10.0 (highest rating)
Fungus Decay Resistance
AWPA E10-12
No evidence of decay
LGA-tested safety & contamination
LGA test passed
Brinell Hardness (HB)
EN 1534
11,762 psi
Axial Withdrawal Force (of screws)
EN 320.2011-07
5777 N
Thermal Conductivity
EN 12664
0.199 W/(mK)
Water Vapour Transmission
DIN EN ISO 12572
µ=1300->sd 7.22m diffusion blocking
Bending Strength
ASTM 6109
3,750 in-lb
Bending Modulus
ASTM 6109
217,800 psi
Tensile Strength
ISO 527
3,162 psi
Tensile Modulus
ISO 527
339,388 psi
Shearing Strength
ISO 527
2,437 psi
Duration of Load (Creep-Recovery)
ASTM D 7032
99% Recovery; No evidence of tertiary creep and no failures


WorkMay be worked like wood with wood processing machines, including: cutting, milling, drilling, sanding, gluing and screwing
Surface treatmentApplying original Resysta stain and 2K sealer with brush


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